Census Data

1820 Census Medina Cty Twp 3 Range 18

1820 federal census for Medina County, township 3, range 18. This area would soon be renamed Wellington, Ohio.

This is new project I have recently begun to transcribe the federal census data for Wellington during the nineteenth century. As the village was first settled by those of European descent in 1818, the first federal census that is applicable is 1820. At present (as of June, 2017), I have transcribed the first three decades, namely 1820, 1830 and 1840.

Below is an embedded, read only Excel spreadsheet containing the data. Each decade has its own tab. I have done my best to transcribe the names accurately, and filled in additional information in brackets–to improve search results–where I could. If you see any errors, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will update the file as appropriate.

Wellington Federal Census Data 1820-1940 (Read Only) Rev. 7.2.17

I hope to continue on and finish out the remaining decades, but that may be overly ambitious. The next tally, for the year 1850, is nearly forty pages long!

Updated 6.22.17: Cross referenced a list of all Wellington’s Revolutionary War and War of 1812 veterans and was able to fill out a few initials used in place of first names.

Updated 7.2.17: Added tabs for the years 1850 through 1900–excepting 1890, which was destroyed in a fire–with preliminary population counts. Added table of evolving racial demographics in the township from 1820 to 1940 (last year of the census that is currently available).


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