Take Five

IMG_1587 A brief post this evening to commemorate the fifth anniversary of my starting this blog. Hard to believe so much time has passed. In some ways, 2013 seems like a lifetime ago. (The baby I had then started second grade yesterday.) As it happens, I celebrated the day by receiving a certification letter from the United States Copyright Office, conferring upon me the copyright for my book, Fully Equal to the Situation: Nineteenth-Century Women of Wellington, Ohio. I would never have believed five years ago that a published book was in my future.

Bicentennial has been keeping me rather busy. I’ve been researching and writing text for Wellington’s upcoming Historic Homes Tour on October 14th. The historic fashion show that I helped put together in July will be performed again at the Patricia Lindley Center for the Performing Arts on October 9th. I have a few other free public talks coming up over the next few months; if you are interested, please check the “Upcoming Events” tab above. I have also been preparing for a small project that I plan to undertake next week; I will post images here once it is completed. A batch of early Sawtell photographs has recently come into my possession and I hope to add those to the blog soon. And then I would at long last like to begin my second book manuscript…

All of this is to say that blog posts will likely be less frequent as we move into the future. While I enjoy the research and writing of individual, “one-off” topics, they are extremely time consuming. I have tried to make at least one post each month, but I would rather focus on the quality than the quantity of the material. If you are not already a subscriber to the blog, you might consider signing up. Subscribers receive an email notification each time there is a post, eliminating the need to visit regularly and check for new content.

As always, many thanks for taking the time to read.



4 thoughts on “Take Five

  1. Jenny Arntz

    Thank you for all of your work sharing Wellington’s history with accuracy and wit. You’re a treasure!


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