Celebrating Wellington’s Female History

2018 #1

Wellington’s bicentennial is proving to be even busier than I had imagined, dear readers! Can you believe that we are already one-sixth of the way through our year of celebrations? It is now March, and that means that it is Women’s History Month. Just as we did in February to honor the village’s citizens of color, Wellington Genealogy Group president Marilyn Wainio and I installed a window display on the north side of East Herrick Avenue to honor our female residents. A duplicate set of panels is on display inside the Herrick Memorial Library, as well.

The panels feature women from the nineteenth century to today. Included are Mary Hayes Houghton, journalist and co-editor of the Wellington Enterprise; Dr. Harriet Warren, who practiced medicine here in the late 1800s; longtime library director Pat Lindley; and Wellington’s longest serving mayor, Barb O’Keefe. Sprinkled in amongst the biographical sketches are evocative images of women from the Herrick Memorial Library’s Wellington Family Album collection. We are grateful to the library for the use of these photographs.

Thanks also to Main Street Wellington, for allowing us to install these two history displays in such a prominent location. If you happen to be in the downtown area, please stop and take a look.


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