Happy Sesquicentennial, Wellington Enterprise!

Exactly one hundred and fifty years ago today (September 19, 1867) the inaugural issue of The Wellington Enterprise was published by editor James M. Guthrie. Over the past four years, I have written more than six thousand words on the history of our hometown newspaper. If you would like to learn more the Enterprise, check out some of these earlier posts:

To read about the very first issue of the Enterprise ever published, click here.

For a complete nineteenth-century history of the paper and its editors, click here (part one) and here (part two).

For biographical information specifically pertaining to co-editors John and Mary Hayes Houghton, click here.

To learn more about the type of printing press used in the Enterprise offices while the Houghtons were editors, and to see a video of the press in operation, click here.

To see the very first color issue ever printed by the paper, click here.

Happy birthday, Wellington Enterprise! Here’s to a few more centuries in operation.




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