Wellington 1857

Wellington, one-hundred-and-sixty summers ago. “Village of Wellington” (1857) by Archibald Willard. Original painting owned by Herrick Memorial Library. Permission to display generously granted by the library.

A quick update on some changes to the blog: I have added a few new pages of late. Static links to all of these pages can be found in the main menu.

Census Data will be the page on which I post updates to my ongoing transcriptions of federal censuses for Wellington in the nineteenth century. Thus far (July 2017) I have posted full transcriptions for 1820, 1830 and 1840, with some preliminary population counts for the remaining decades–excepting 1890, which was destroyed in a fire.

In the Press is a place to note mentions of the blog in the media. Most recently, I was profiled in the summer 2017 issue of Ohio Genealogy News.

Online Resources is a page created to aggregate links to free online resources for Wellington research. This includes tax records, digitized newspaper content, interment listings, and more. I have allowed comments on that page, so if you know of another resource that is publicly available, leave a message and I will add it to the list.

Upcoming Talks, as the name suggests, is a calendar of presentations. 2018 is Wellington’s bicentennial commemoration, so check back for future events.

William Sawtell, Photographer is not a new page, but I have continued to add images in the seven months since I created it.

I hope everyone is enjoying summer. Next month marks the fourth anniversary of the blog. I am celebrating by working on a book manuscript!


7 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Donna M. Adam CFP

    I am always so enthused to receive the email of a new posting from your blog! I was searching through your blogs just this past week to learn so many more things about my family roots in Wellington. I am planning to attend next year’s Bicentennial celebration and genuinely look forward to meeting you then. You have done a truly remarkable job of capturing the history of Wellington, and what a great contribution this has been for me. I have yet to get into storage to bring out my Grandmother’s (301 S. Main St.) letters to me from 1968 to about 1975. Many more questions I will have then. I want to identify the building of my Grandfather’s law practice as it was on Herrick St.! Best Regards, Donna Adam

  2. Shelly Schulze

    Donna — who were your Grandparents? Was that Charlie Horr? The time frame of your letters was my growing up time in Wellington. It would be very interesting to learn of what she writes about the town. Shelly McMahon Schulze

    1. Donna M. Adam CFP

      Yes! Charles W. Horr III was my grandfather, married to Zedonna Schaaf Horr, my grandmother. Were it not so “complicated” to bring out my trunk containing letters from my grandparents that is in storage, I would have done this many weeks ago. I am so curious to read them now that I have a broader appreciation from Nicole’s wonderful website. My grandfather’s letters came from his office address on Herrick. Did you know my grandparents?

  3. LynneW

    Hi Donna, Herrick Memorial Library of Wellington has a telephone directory from 1972-73 that lists both C.W. Horr Acct-Pub and Charles W. Jr. attorney office, at 139 Herrick Ave E. That address still houses a law firm to this day. Best Regards, Lynne Welch – Reference Librarian

    1. Donna M. Adam CFP

      THANK YOU, Lynne!! Now I have a better idea of where his office was in relation to the various posts on the 19th C. Wellington site. I was also curious to know how far his office was from my grandparents house at 301 S. Main St. Now I will be able to look this up on Map Quest. Thank you, again, Donna Adam


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