Program Announcement II

Preservation materials. Photo by author.

Preservation materials. Photo by author.

A brief programmatic announcement that may be of interest to local folks. For those who are not already aware, your humble blogger is the presenter…

“On Tuesday, January 26th at 2:30PM the Wellington Genealogy Group will offer a special ‘working session’ on appropriate housing for your treasured family keepsakes. Nicole Hayes will be the presenter. Hayes has fifteen years work experience in museums and archives, and in her last position was responsible for teaching workshops on this topic to museum staff. There will be free catalogs available but attendees are encouraged to bring laptops. Hayes will show some of the different vendor sites and explain how to identify and order what you need. Please DO NOT bring fragile or valuable items to the session. If you have something unusual that you would like to house, bring a digital photograph and measurements. The session will be held at the LCCC Wellington campus, and is free and open to all.”


2 thoughts on “Program Announcement II

  1. D

    19224 West Rd is an old brick house in the middle of nowhere. Any idea how old it is or history? I am really interested and I am having trouble finding out how old and any history. Please if you know anything, please let me know

    1. LW

      You might try the Lorain County Recorder’s office. They have copies of deeds from 1824 (when the county was established) through the present. Or the county Tax Maps office, which also tracks ownership.


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