Here Comes Santa Claus

"A Joyous Christmas." Undated holiday card. From the website

“A Joyous Christmas.” Undated holiday card. From the website CardCow.

I have nearly finished my issue-by-issue indexing of all the extant nineteenth-century editions of The Wellington Enterprise. This morning I ran across this charming little notice, nestled in amongst the regular community news items:

“Santa Claus has sent his reindeers into the country to be looked after, this winter, and will use a bicycle, this time, to deliver his presents. This indicates that even Santa is willing to adopt the improvements made” (12-5-1894, pg. 5).

Happy holidays, dear readers! I am presently working on a list of topics to research and write about in the new year. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. Just click on, “Leave a reply,” at the top of any post. Looking forward to hearing from you all!


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