Now Thank We All Our God

"A Happy Thanksgiving." Undated holiday card.

“A Happy Thanksgiving.” Undated holiday card.

Thanksgiving. Considering how many families were out of town on Thanksgiving day and how many women are detained at home by the extra duties imposed by hospitality, there was a large attendance at church in Wellington. But whether roasting turkey by the kitchen range, looking after the grandchildren or entertaining the little neices [sic] and nephews that could not be taken to church, there is no doubt that many hearts were warmly cognizant of the Divine goodness, who were not numbered with public worshipers that day. Few but would find some quiet half hour in which the mercies of the year were reviewed and recognized. Domestic affection, family ties–every feeling and principle that makes life more sweet and the home stronger–is stimulated by this annual festival” (The Wellington Enterprise, 12-5-1883, pg. 3).

I could not have said it better myself, Dr. Houghton.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

"Good Wishes for Thanksgiving Day." Undated holiday card.

“Good Wishes for Thanksgiving Day.” Undated holiday card.


2 thoughts on “Now Thank We All Our God

  1. Donna Adam

    Dear Nicole,
    I have such fond memories of Thanksgiving dinners and my family traditions that began in Wellington. I am especially thankful today for the joy and warmth your stories bring to me. I just love your blog and am always so touched when I read about the community where my grandparents and their ancestors built their homes and businesses. May your Thanksgiving be filled with abundant blessings and a happy harvest of holiday memories. I give thanks for you! Warmly, Donna Adam

    1. Armchair Historian Post author

      What an incredibly kind and generous comment to make! Thank you so much! I am really very deeply moved. This year, I am especially grateful for such a warm and encouraging group of readers. Happiest of holidays to all of you!


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