"Wellington, O. Birds Eye View." Postcard printed in Germany for A. H. Binder. Author's collection.

“Wellington, O. Birds Eye View.” Postcard printed in Germany for A. H. Binder. Author’s collection.

One year ago today, I began to publish this blog. At the time, I was concerned that I didn’t have enough to say to sustain such a project over the long term, and that the content probably wouldn’t appeal to a broad audience. I am amazed that I am still finding things to write about. I am even more astonished by the scope and scale of the readership. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that more than 13,000 visits to this page would happen in the past year, coming from more than sixty countries around the world. And the fact that nearly eighty people want to know every time I publish a new piece is both humbling and somewhat mystifying to me.

Earlier in the summer, I had ambitious plans for approaching this anniversary. I was hoping to complete enough posts that I would arrive at my one-hundredth today. Alas, life got in the way. Shortly after returning from a lovely holiday, I had a small accident that left me in an arm sling and walking cast. Reduced mobility has made it surprisingly difficult to get the simplest tasks accomplished, and blogging has fallen by the wayside for the time being. Today is thus my ninety-fifth post.

I have the research completed at present for at least four more essays, and about a half-dozen ideas that would require some additional fleshing out. I continue to work on projects including: the digitization of the Wellington Village Council and Ordinance Records (with the Wellington Genealogy Group); a detailed issue list of every nineteenth-century edition of The Wellington Enterprise; and later this year I hope to begin indexing all the Wellington notices printed in the Lorain County News between 1860 and 1873.

My sincere thanks to everyone currently reading this. As always, I welcome your comments (click “Leave a reply” at the top of any post) and suggestions for future topics.


8 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. Susan Twining

    Congratulations on your year! So sorry about that accident though, hope you’ll be back to your old self soon. Cheers!

  2. chmjr2

    Congratulations for 95 posts and one year doing this blog. That’s almost eight post a month. I have not come close to that. I know that doing a blog on the level you do takes hard work and talent. Here is to many more postings.

  3. newcrazytown

    Congratulations on your milestone and another great big thank you for providing us with such fascinating material. It’s just my opinion mind you, but it only took you (less than) a year to become the finest historian Wellington has had.

  4. Linda

    I have lived in Wellington and Penfield all 70 years of my life and have learned so much I didn’t know about Wellington. Thank you very much.


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